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Steak Night Wines


Wine matching a steak is easy when you have only one cut on the menu. I had my routine of bringing out the excellent Duas Quintas from Portugal, our heaviest Malbec from Argentina or, if the customer was up for it, one of our Ribera del Duero Spanish blockbusters. Now we have Thursday Steak Nights at Gales and things are a little trickier.

We have 28 day matured welsh black fillet which, when cooked rare, requires a more subtle but full flavoured wine. Pinot Noirs, like our excellent Byron from California or Mudhouse from New Zealand, should do the trick.

Sirloin is a beautiful cut of beef - it may not have the full flavour of the ribeye but it makes up for it by having a tender, tight marbling. Matching it could be a case of having the same high tannic wines as the ribeye but I find something a little more silky hits the spot. Try a big Italian wine, soft Syrah or fruity Grenache. The particular favourite at the moment is the Tres Picos Grenache from Spain, it is a super big wine but has a silky, smooth finish.

Rump is best with the trendy South American stars Carmenere and Malbec, both have this great spicy, savoury quality that goes great with rump.

That leaves us with T-Bone - the pricey cut that gives you the best of both worlds, fillet and sirloin. So why compromise on your wine too! Have a bottle of Pinot Noir AND a bottle of Grenache.

I look forward to seeing you in the wine bar over the coming Thursdays.