Shared Ownership Versus Help To Buy Equity Loans Explained

Unable to get a deposit for a mortgage? There is nothing to be worried about, as there are other options out there. Sure, having a big deposit is the safest way to get a good mortgage deal with great rates, but sometimes, it is just not possible. You have to pay rent or perhaps you […]

LTV Ratios, Deposits & Other Considerations In A Mortgage Deal

Getting a mortgage can be challenging, but not impossible. Financial planning is essential and stability takes time to achieve. The most difficult part? The actual deposit. Whether or not you discuss with a broker, you will see all kinds of terms you are not familiar with. When checking deposit requirements, you will often run into […]

What The Mortgage Deposit Tells Lenders About Your Financial Capabilities

The most recent pandemic has certainly affected the way you get to buy a house. Getting a mortgage is a challenge these days. Most importantly, people will struggle to get the deposit – and this is the aspect that has been through the most significant changes. A good deposit proves a few different things. First, […]